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About Nowak Chiropractic

A Long and Successful History

Nowak Chiropractic Office in Greenfield

Welcome to Nowak Chiropractic!

Nowak Chiropractic, although it’s undergone several name changes over the years, has been providing quality chiropractic care in the Milwaukee area for over 30 years.

Dr. Gregg Nowak and Dr. Jeff Oles moved the practice in July of 2014 to a brand new facility, only five miles away from the original long-standing location. “We were at the original location for a really long time,” laugh the doctors. “Our new clinic is much nicer…we have better parking, better accessibility and better amenities.”

Our Heartfelt Philosophy

We practice conservative, traditional chiropractic care in our office, with the addition of some physical therapy modalities, such as ultrasound, spinal decompression, inferential electric frequency, heat, ice and light therapy.

We also believe that proper nutrition and adequate exercise are a big part of the health picture, so we offer counseling in these areas as well.

We treat a wide variety of patients from infancy to geriatrics. If we can’t help someone within a reasonable amount of time, we have a wide circle of accomplished health care professionals that we refer to: if we can’t help, we’ll refer you to someone who CAN!

The Focus is always on YOU

One of the things that our patients appreciate about us is our thoroughness. We take a very extensive case history when you come in as a new patient, and your physical evaluation and X-rays are completed by the doctors themselves…never an assistant.

We also have a reputation for excellent patient education, helping you to understand exactly what’s wrong and exactly how we can right it! Our patients appreciate this aspect of our practice, as it gives them ample information to make sound decisions in our partnership.

Joy in Giving

Drs. Nowak and Oles completely agree: “Our ability to help people feel and function better holistically, rather than through pills, injections and surgery, gives us great joy and personal satisfaction.”

We feel blessed to be in this helping profession. If you need help in regaining your health, please contact us today at (414) 481-1021.

Nowak Chiropractic | (414) 481-1021