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Our Greenfield Chiropractors

The Nowak Chiropractic team works together to provide quality chiropractic care in a comfortable setting. Our doctors provide excellent patient education, helping you to understand exactly what’s wrong and exactly how we can help you get well! Contact us today!

Greenfield Chiropractor, Dr. Gregg Nowak

Dr. Gregg Nowak

My father had a wonderful relationship with chiropractic care for many years and he often suggested chiropractic to me as an ideal career choice. After speaking with many chiropractors in the field and spending time in their offices, I was hooked!

“I wanted to do something that had meaningful impact on people’s lives, and for me, it’s been chiropractic all the way,” remembers Dr. Nowak. Read more…

Greenfield Chiropractor, Dr. Jeff Oles

Dr. Jeff Oles

When I was in high school in Detroit, my mother had severe issues with neck, shoulder and arm pain stemming from her very active lifestyle. She sought medical help at first and was prescribed a variety of pills, which did nothing for her pain. Desperate, she started to see a chiropractor whose care not only alleviated her pain, but also allowed her to return to her normal activities with no limitations!

This experience had a huge impact on Dr. Oles and influenced his decision to enter the chiropractic profession. Read more…

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