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New Patient Reviews

Informative, Pleasant, Helpful

My extreme back pain was relieved after my first visit and Dr. Oles was very informative, pleasant and helpful, giving me suggestions for whole body health.

-Anne F

Extremely Pleased

I have been a patient of Dr. Oles for several years. I am extremely pleased with the care I receive. Dr. Oles and the staff are friendly and professional.

In addition, I have purchased several supplements recommended by Dr. Oles with amazing results. I suffered with every day pain in both my hips. Dr. Oles recommended “Chondro-Relief Intensive Care.” It works! After taking as prescribed for about a month, the pain vanished.

Looking for a PROBIOTIC, try their “UltraFlora Balance.”

-Dennis B.

Impressed With The Outcome!

I was so impressed with the outcome after the first treatment but even more so on the amount of time my doctor took to discuss overall wellness and health with me. I like that my doctor is looking at the whole picture of wellness and appears helpful and highly knowledgeable with addressing my needs. I believe I made a great move with trying this form of medicine. I am beyond pleased! On a side note, I appreciated Amy at the front desk. She appears dedicated and very thorough. Very pleasant and welcoming.

-Jodi K.

Excellent Chiropractor

I love Dr. Nowak. He is an excellent Chiropractor and has helped relieve some rather severe pains I’ve had over the years. He has an excellent “bedside manner”, very affable with a great sense of humor. I highly recommend him to everyone looking for chiropractic care.

-Susan R

That First Visit Changed Everything

That first visit changed everything. For the first time in years I had relief from my pain. As the evening progressed I was realizing movements that normally caused pain and discomfort were no longer there. I was definitely sore from the session, but who cares the pain was going away. I had therapy and spinal shots, but had never seen a chiropractor. I wish I had come here much earlier.

~Jon W.

Warm and Professional

I have been seeing Dr. Nowak for years. I have always found him to be very supportive and professional and has provided excellent care. He has helpful suggestions and remembers me, even if I haven’t seen him for a long time. The office staff are very warm and professional and try to accommodate my needs as promptly as possible.

~Julie Ann S.

Outstanding Treatment

I have been seeing Dr. Oles for a number of years. I initially was referred to him for treatment of aches and pains, and I now continue to go on a monthly basis to keep things aligned and healthy.

The knowledge and experience that Dr. Oles has in chiropractic care, along with his attentive and caring attitude towards patients, is simply exceptional. I have become a big advocate of chiropractic care as a result of the outstanding treatment I’ve received and the trust I have in Nowak Chiropractic!

~Kate B.

Check Him Out, You’ll Be Happy

I have been seeing Dr. Oles since December of 2015 and I know for a fact that my overall healing has come from his time and sheer dedication to his practice. He is laid back, funny and an honest man. I enjoy having the general conversations with him. It reduces the feeling of being in a doctor office and makes it more like a visit to see your brother that happens to be a chiropractor. :-)

Check him out!!!! You’ll be happy!!

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The staff is very friendly. The front desk receptionist are always informational and competent in their duties! I love shooting the breeze with them. My first day I cried due to being nervous and never being involved in an accident that would lead me to seeing a chiropractor. Ms. Connie was so nice and encouraging during that visit and it really helped me. I love both of the assistants.

Ms. Linda. My Ms. Linda, AWESOME!!! My first conversation with her assured me that my billing was being handled by a seasoned and proficient employee. One that does not want her clients dealing with the stress of insurance companies or others when it comes to providing information related to treatment!

Dr. Nowak is very friendly as we well. He always speaks and makes you feel “at home”.

Overall, if you have any chiropractic needs.. This is the family to adopt as your own!

~Lindsay J.

Wonderful Staff

I have been under the care of Dr. Nowak for almost 10 years and I really appreciate the care and expertise I have received. The staff are wonderful to work with and when I need to get in urgently, they are most helpful. When I have painful exacerbations, Dr Nowak has helped me so much…this is why I continue with their services.
~Marla S.

Extremely Satisfied

Jim first visited Dr. Oles over eleven years ago for help with a bad back. After several treatments, and less than a year later, Jim was able to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro with no back pain. This past year I began experiencing severe arm and shoulder pain from carpal tunnel. Because of Jim’s trust in Dr. Oles which had grown over the years of treatment for his back, he suggested I should try chiropractic treatments to alleviate my arm pain. I have been extremely satisfied with the progress made with the help of Dr. Oles. He is a true professional, very well informed and especially supportive of us in our continuing pursuit of a healthy lifestyle. We consider him a trusted friend and are grateful for his care.
~Becky and Jim P.

Confidence and Trust

Dr. Oles puts me at ease when I ask questions, and takes the necessary action to find the solution to my problem. His efforts give me confidence and trust. I feel fortunate to have chosen Dr. Oles as my chiropractor. Under his care, my health has improved. He also uses some of the latest technology, like light therapy, which has helped me considerably.
~Margaret M.

Long Standing Trust

I have been Dr. Oles’ patient for umpteen years and also introduced my (then young) son to him as a patient. He has always been very professional and knowledgeable with me as well as a good listener. Over short spurts of time with Dr. Oles, my back problems get corrected. If I didn’t trust him, I would not continue his services. Thank you, Dr. Oles.
~Barbara B.

Very Comfortable Experience

I was very nervous about my first chiropractic visit and the team at Nowak Chiropractic made me feel very comfortable. I felt better after just a few visits! I highly recommend them if you are looking for a chiropractor.
-Sarah J.

Feeling Relief

I was very surprised as this was my first encounter with a Chiropractor. I am pleased with the results so far. They made me feel at ease and after two sessions I am feeling some relief which is encouraging.
-Karen W.

Pleasant Experience

Thank you so much for the detailed explanation as to the treatment plan and what to expect for the upcoming visits. Your office support staff did everything to make my very first visit a pleasant one.
-Patrick G.

Pain Free

After 19 plus years Dr. Oles has helped me through a broken fibula bone, trauma due to an accident and continues to keep me moving pain free due to chronic low back pain with regular maintenance and helpful advise.
-Jean S.